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- Honey -

Illustration of a delicate wildflower, used in branding for Heaven's Honey Farm, symbolizing the natural beauty and diversity of the fields where the bees collect nectar.

Welcome to our Apiary's collection of delicious raw wildflower honey! Our raw honey is harvested straight from the hive, with no forced filtering or pasteurization, ensuring all the natural enzymes and nutrients are preserved. Never heated past the temperature of the hive, our raw honey maintains its natural flavor and health benefits. The wildflower variety offers a diverse blend of nectars, resulting in a complex and rich flavor profile. Please note that due to its natural state, raw honey may crystallize over time; to decrystallize simply place the jar in a pot of warm water. As a reminder, raw honey should not be fed to children under the age of 1. Thank you for supporting our Apiary and enjoying our raw wildflower honey!

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